I love to paint in acrylics and did so exclusively for many years with a series of roses and landscapes. I also loved making the alphabet series and added some on the website, but for the last 16 years I have concentrated on printmaking using a press in my own studio. I focus more and more on the non toxic forms of printmaking, drypoint and lino, to avoid the acids and chemicals of etching.

Since 2015 I have been able to share my passion and have taught printmaking both at home in my studio and at Estuary Arts Centre, Orewa, where I am print tutor. 2019 has seen the continuation of the Open Studio policy at Estuary Arts Centre where anyone can come to learn about printmaking on Friday in Studio 1 where I will teach from 9.30 - 12 and casuals can come to use the press. However I am not continuing this into 2020.

While I try to have a solo exhibition every year or so I also have organised many group shows for local Hibiscus printmakers and my students at Estuary Arts Centre (EAC). I am also interested in planning and organising the making of collaborative prints with like minded printmakers. 2018 saw the last collaborative based on the humble triangle.

This year and next, 2020, I have encouraged local printmakers to take part in the Australian organized Overwintering project. Printmakers choose a habitat inhabited by migratory birds to study, then create a body of work about the habitat based on their findings. In 2020 I hope to involve potters, photographers and embroiderers as well.

I was fortunate to attend the PCANZ Summer School in Christchurch in January 2019 with Jason Greig as tutor and learnt a most interesting approach to monoprinting. Another printing method I have learnt in 2019 is cyanotype imaging, although I have yet to find how to incorporate cyanotype images into my usual practice. Other techniques I use and teach (apart from lino, woodcut and drypoint) are printing onto plaster, printing with polysol dyes, creating multiple prints and monoprinting off gelatine.

I am looking forward to attending the PCANZ Summer School in January 2020 with Jeff Sippel and learning about Waterless Lithography. 2020 also brings a change of focus from teaching printmaking on Casual Fridays at Estuary Arts Centre to offering Monday morning classes at EAC.

Commissions are welcome.