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2019 Classes and workshops, book at Estuary Arts Centre

Term 1
4 weeks February 14 - 7 March
Creating Layers for Printmaking
Explore a variety of techniques to create background layers to complement either intaglio or relief printing.
Thursday morning 9.30 - 12.30

4 weeks March 14 - 4 April
Making Faces to print
Create portraits to print - from family, famous people, sci fi, opera, fantasy...etc Use chine colle, collage, monoprinting and other techniques to individualise your chosen face. Print then make a plaster print.
Thursday morning 9.30 - 12.30

Casual open printing starting Friday 14th February at Estuary Arts Centre, 9.30 - 12 in Studio 1
Beginners are welcome. This is where you can learn what printmaking consists of, what materials and tools are needed and where to get them.

Workshops and exhibition connected with the Overwintering Project will be run starting in July 2019 then in August. The exhibition featuring prints from the workshops and other artists will be in September.